2020 Christmas Shoot Report

After a year of uncertainty and not fully sure if we would get a Christmas shoot in this year the 2020 Christmas Shoot was a great success.
17 Full Squads for DTL (up from 14 and a half last year) and 9 Squads of Skeet entered the days competition which kicked off right on 10am with 5 grounds of DTL operating. As the first squads kicked off in overcast conditions the cars continued to pour thru the gate filling the car park up.
Our office team of Chloe & Emma were kept busy taking the noms with Mel & Liz busy with memberships. Gerald, Jaeng and the girls in the cafe began with the breakfast orders and were kept flat out right to the end with their amazing food.
The traps were all set and the odd random flash target thrown in amongst them for a bottle of Yarra Peaks wine supplied from Lou & Melissa Primavera. Thank you to Lou & Mel from Yarra Peaks Winery for their support in 2020!!
This year we ran the events a little differently which made our shoot so much easier to run for the boys & Judith on the scoreboard (thanks again Judith for your help), the girls in the office and also the shooters shooting it not having to go back and forth from Trap & Skeet. Everyone shot their DTL events first over the 5 layouts. On completion of the DTL at 3:30pm we opened all our grounds for Skeet and shot the skeet events with the last squads of skeet finishing at 5:30pm with shoot off's for the skeet done and dusted a few mins later. A format we will definitely continue with.
As mentioned in a previous post our President Darryl Johnston was awarded with a surprise at the completion of presentation with the prestigous award of Honarary Life Membership of the club for all his hard work and dedication. Truly well deserved. At completion of all presentations dinner was then served and what a feast it was of roast meats done by Jim Turner on the Spit. Thanks to Jim for his continuous help and support with all our meals, Lou & Melissa for the lamb and the amazing salads provided by Gerald and Jaeng from the cafe making it a meal to die for!! Also thanks to the members and guests who brought along a dessert. What a meal it was.
Once the meal was done and the cold beverages kicked in from behind the bar the clubs new TV and Sound bar were put to good use with an array of music and good fun. A great night had by all.
A big thank you goes to everyone who has helped out at the club in a very difficult 2020 and who rolled their sleeves up and helped at the Xmas Shoot. It is a big shoot to pull off each year and requires a team effort from not just the committee but all members and shooters to help make it work. From all of us thank you and we hope you enjoyed the day.
The results of the day were as follows keeping in mind a shooter can only have 1 x 1st, 1 x 2nd, 1x 3rd and 1 x LJV in each discipline
20 Tgt Point Score
AA 1st - Chris Brown 75/75
AA 2nd - Liam Shore 72/75
AA 3rd - Mal Briggs 66/69
A 1st - Liz Schroeter 60/60 (ON FIRE)
A 2nd - Geoff Shore 59/60 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEOFF)
A 3rd - Tom Wilson 58/60
B 1st - David Dickson 58/60
B 2nd - Simon Hewitt 57/60
B 3rd - Tom Laber 56/60
C 1st - Lucien Primavera 56/60
C 2nd - Mike Stokes 53/60
C 3rd - Ralph Maiolo 52/60
Lady - Gabbi Ferteklis 50/60
Junior - Emily Vassallo 52/66
Veteran - Geoff McClure 54/66
20 Tgt Single Barrel
AA 1st - Damien Mould 25/26
AA 2nd - Peter Arbaci 22/23
AA 3rd - Liam Shore 24/26
A 1st - Emily Corbett 20/21
A 2nd - Marty McLachlan 19/21
A 3rd - Ants Beltrami 22/24
B 1st - Neil Roberts 24/27
B 2nd - Frank Denino 23/27
B 3rd - Renato Laureno 22/25
C 1st - Anthony Patrick 18/20
C 2nd - John McFarlane 17/20
C 3rd - Ben DePedro 17/21
Lady - Liz Schroeter 16/20
Junior - Lucien Primavera 14/20
Veteran - Dallas Ball 19/20
20 Tgt Double Barrel
AA 1st - Greg Hunt 34/34
AA 2nd - Mal Briggs - 33/34
AA 3rd - Geoff McClure 27/28
A 1st - Martin Smith 23/23
A 2nd - Liz Schroeter 22/23
A 3rd - John Rist 21/22
B 1st - Quinn Roberts 21/21
B 2nd - Ben Hutchinson 20/21
B 3rd - David Dickson 23/24
C 1st - Ralph Maiolo 22/22
C 2nd - Ben DePedro 21/22
C 3rd - Emily Vassallo 21/23
Lady - Louise Tingate 17/20
Junior - Blake Green 17/20
Veteran - Fred Heinze 20/20
25 Skeet - Event 1
AA 1st - Mal Briggs 29/29
AA 2nd - Paul Johnston 28/29
AA 3rd - Pedro Da Silva 26/27
A 1st - Simon Hewitt 23/25
A 2nd - Mark George 23/26
A 3rd - John Mannu 22/26
B 1st - Tom Laber 24/25
B 2nd - Greg Hunt 23/25
B 3rd - Jimmy Turner 28/33
C 1st - John Barklem 23/25
C 2nd - Louise Tingate 22/25
C 3rd - Paul Nyirati 24/31
Junior - Ben DePedro 15/25
Ladies - Leonie Johnston 22/25
Veteran - Mike Stokes 22/25
25 Skeet Event 2
AA 1st - Glenn Clarke 28/29
AA 2nd - Mal Briggs 27/27 (already collected a win)
AA 3rd - Paul Johnston 26/29
A 1st - Mark George 28/31
A 2nd - Cliff Chambers 27/31
A 3rd - Simon Hewitt 23/25
B 1st - Frank Vella 23/25 (lots of soot balls)
B 2nd - Tom Laber 22/25
B 3rd - Geoff McClure 23/27
C 1st - David Dickson 28/31
C 2nd - Tony Pelosi 27/31
C 3rd - Damien Mould 23/25
Lady - Liz Schroeter (AGAIN???) 19/25
Junior - Lucien Primavera (c4nt find his sc4re?)
Veteran - David Dickson 24/25
Special Prize to Lou Primavera for missing his first and last target in EVERY event!! Well done Lou
So concludes a great end to what can only be described a different year. Thank you everyone for your support of the club in 2020 we hope you and your families all have a safe and Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2021.
Merry Christmas


Dinner Time

Darryl & Patty Johnston

Greg wins a big ham!

Damien gets his sash for overall high gun in Champion of Champions

Liz the winner

Lou gets a booby prize

How not to do the nutbush!