To shoot practice at MGC, all shooters must either be a financial ACTA member or be a financial MGC Practice-Only member, in order to shoot any ACTA discipline, such as DTL, American Skeet, ISS Skeet, ISSF Trench and Universal Trench. 

Anyone who is not an ACTA member, is not permitted to shoot at MGC without a membership.

Please note the wearing of camouflage and singlet tops is NOT PERMITTED at MGC.

For new ACTA members waiting for their Firearm's Licence, NOTE THAT YOU CAN ONLY SHOOT A TOTAL OF THREE TIMES (UNDER SUPERVISION), without a Licence.

For membership enquiries, please contact the Secretary at

Practice Days and Times:

Wednesdays Noon-6pm

Fridays 1pm-5pm (daylight permitting)

Saturdays 10am - 11:20am (except the 3rd Saturday of every month)