Membership renewals

November 2022

Renewals for 2023 will be emailed over the next couple of weeks.  Please keep an eye out and check your junk mail folders.  Please note that your 2022 membership will expire as of 31st December 2022, and after this time you will be unfinancial and will not be permitted to shoot at MGC and any ACTA club.

Renewal fees are unchanged.

Please note that the Club Only membership does not enable you to shoot at MGC, unless you are affiliated with the ACTA through another club.

2023 Renewal fees

Membership TypeFee
Full Member Renewal$205.00
Partner Member Renewal$169.00
Junior Member Renewal$41.00
Veteran Member Renewal$169.00
Recreational Member Renewal$125.00
Club Only Member Renewal$65.00
Loyalty Member Renewal$169.00
Life Member RenewalVariable