The Melbourne Gun Club has been successful in its application to hold the Universal Trench World Championships in 2026.

The dates have been selected by the Committee, and the event will run from Thursday 19th February to Sunday 22nd February 2026.

Universal Trench is governed by the worldwide organisation known as FITASC, LA FÉDÉRATION INTERNATIONALE DE TIR AUX ARMES SPORTIVES DE CHASSE.  Further information about FITASC can be found

As the event will take place at the Melbourne Gun Club, upgrades will be needed, which means the build of a 4th Trench Layout.
Universal Trench (UT) has been growing at a rapid rate in this country and we are now seeing that venues with 3 Trench layouts cannot accommodate the number of shooters wishing to compete. This layout will benefit Universal Trench & ISSF in Australia, giving us a much needed venue with 4 layouts available to use.  Let's show the World in 2026 what us Aussies are made of on our home soil!