Limited opening for practice Saturday 11th July 2020

We are open this Saturday for practice under some very strict social distancing rules:

* Melbourne Gun Club members only from within the lock down areas.  No members from outside lock down areas are permitted to attend.

* A limit of 2 people per layout at any one time only!!

* No more than 10 shooters on the ground at ANY time!!  BOOKING REQUIRED.

* Local members only. Please do not travel excessive kms to come to the club.

* We will have DTL, Skeet, Trench & 5 Stand Open so plenty of layouts to be spread out.

* Each session will be for 1hr 15mins only!  You must arrive at your allotted time and MUST be left (not packing up or wandering around) by your allotted finish time

* No cafe, food or drink or club rooms open. Access to toilets only.

* No club guns available and no sharing of equipment.

* Please book one session only per member.

* Social distancing of 1.5m to be adhered to at ALL times.

Booking link will be live from 7:00pm tonight.

Booking times will be
9am til 10:15am
10:30am til 11:45am
12 noon til 1:15pm
1:30pm til 2:45pm
3:00pm til 4:15pm

As there are road blocks all over Melbourne you will need to have your MGC membership card and a copy of your booking in case you are pulled over and need to prove where you are going. The system will send you a confirmation email for your booking.

Thank you for your understanding.