Melbourne Field and Game

The below is in response to rumours that Melbourne Gun Club have kicked Melbourne Field & Game out. This is not the case.

Earlier this year an incident occurred at a Melbourne Field & Game (MFG) event that the committee of the Melbourne Gun Club (MGC) deemed unacceptable and put the club's future of operating at our current location at major risk.

The job of the MGC committee is to protect our club for ALL shooters and to ensure we can all enjoy our sport both now and in the future at our current location which is regarded as one of the best equipped ranges in Australia.

As such MGC set some boundaries of where MFG would be able to shoot from for their following shoots. MFG were not happy with these so a meeting was called. MFG presented 4 different types of layout scenarios of which 2 MGC would not accept as in our belief these layouts did not meet the new EPA guidelines of which MGC is doing its best to follow.

Due to the outcome of this meeting, which did not go to plan, the committee of MGC feel the best way forward in the future is for a new set of guidelines to be handed to MFG to agree to if they wish to use MGC grounds. These guidelines are no different than what is currently occurring at any other club that co-shares its grounds (ACTA & FGA).

MGC have not in any way told MFG they are not welcome to shoot on our grounds and we hope they can agree to the new guidelines set out to continue shooting at MGC in the future.

As mentioned above the committee of the MGC will do all in its power to ensure all shooters can enjoy the facilities both now and in the future at the clubs current location as its number 1 priority.