Notice of Annual General Meeting 2023

Please be advised that the Melbourne Gun Club Annual General Meeting is to be held on:

Thursday 23rd March 2023, in the Clubrooms commencing at 7pm.

This meeting will be held in accordance with the rules of the Melbourne Gun Club Incorporated A0026326F.  All 2022 and current (Financial) members of the ACTA affiliated through the Melbourne Gun Club, and whom are 18 years and above can attend and vote.


  1.             Welcome
  2.             Apologies
  3.             Confirmation of Minutes from the previous Annual General Meeting
  4.             President’s Report
  5.             Financial Statement and Balance Sheet
  6.             Review of annual subscription fee & payment date [as under rule 12 (1)]
  7.             Submitted items of business
  8.             Election of Office Bearers


Please Note:

The workload of the recent flooding has taken its toll on a few of our committee members who are looking forward to a well-earned rest and break.  As such we will have several positions on the Committee that will be vacant.  We need members to commit to fill these positions. Our club can only survive with the help of its members keen to put their hands up for these positions.  If you are keen to have a go or would like more information, feel free to have a chat to us


Nominations for Office Bearers and Committee must be in the hands of the Secretary, either delivered in person or sent by registered mail to the above address, no later than 7 days prior to the Annual General MeetingNominations sent by email will not be accepted.

Nominees must be over 18 years old, a financial member of the Melbourne Gun Club and the Australian Clay Target Association.

Submissions for items of business to be discussed must be received in writing no later than 7 days prior to the Annual General Meeting