Results 22nd May 2021

Perfect day at Melbourne Gun Club today with 12 full squads competing in the VCTA South East Zone Continental Carnival.
The grounds were looking fantastic thank you to grounds keeper Roger Esplin for ensuring they looked in tip-top shape as always. It was great to hear the feedback from shooters how good they were looking.
Thank you to Chloe for her efforts in the office today as Emma had to leave not feeling the best. Hope you are feeling better next week Em!!
Thank you also to Gerald & Jaeng for keeping everyone's belts full with great food from the café as always. And thank you to everyone who had travelled from near and far to make it a great days' shooting.
Although it was a perfect day it was still a little tricky with the breeze just enough to make the low ones to the right go a little lower than normal every now and then, and then the shadows coming across later in the day really caused some havoc. All in all though it was a fantastic day at the club.
25t SEZ Continental SB
OA: D Mould 24/25;
AA: B Ford 24/26, J Rowe 23/26;
A: D Dickson 23/25, S Pellegrino 22/25;
B: M Hutchins 23/25, M Tingate 21/25;
C: P Fennell 21/25, P Schroeter 20/25
25t SEZ Continental PS
OA: D Hutchins 77/78;
AA: L Primavera 74/78, C Ford 75/78;
A: D Johnston 71/75, A Wilson 69/75;
B: M Hutchins 68/75, M Tingate 66/75;
C: J Wheeler 61/75, S Fox 59/75
25t SEZ Continental DB
OA: B Reed 46/46;
AA: J Wojcik 30/31, B Ford 29/30;
A: L Schroeter 45/46, G McClure 37/38,
B: M Tingate 33/34, A Patrick 24/25;
C: P Schroeter 23/25, D Lloyd 24/27
20t Continental Mixed Meterage
1st: D Ball 20/20;
2nd: C Henwood 19/20;
3rd: M Hutchins 28/30
Next Saturday we have a 100tgt Double Barrel Championship and 100tgt ISSF Trench. We look forward to seeing you all again for it.