Results 31st July 2021

Green & Gold Day today at the club to cheer on the Aussie Shooters & Athletes and what a crowd we had. 107 Shooters entered the days DTL & ISSF Trap events in very windy conditions.
The club rooms were looking fantastic thanks to Bec Ryan & Mel Treller with green and gold balloons & streamers decorating the rooms and bar and nominating room. Great work girls!!!
12 Squads had entered the DTL events and using 4 layouts we breezed thru the day.
Targets were dancing all over the place making the first event 50tgt Single Barrel a tough event to open up with. Andrew Cameron however found it to his liking taking an outright win
Event 1 - 50 Target Single Barrel
OA & AA: A Cameron 47/50, P Attard 54/58
A: N Basile 50/56, L Schroeter 49/56
B: J Demasi 42/50, M Tingate 41/50
C: B Tridgell 43/50, B Sokaluk 40/50
The Double Barrel for Olympic Day we had planned to use flash targets for the OA shoot off. There was no Overall Shoot off to be had so the shooters in the shoot off for 2nd in A grade were the lucky ones to shoot at some Flash targets -
Event 2 - 50 Target Double Barrel
OA & AA P Attard 49/50, A Ferrari 48/50
A: J Africano 48/50, D Macgregor 54/57
B: R Nash 47/50, L Primavera 46/50
C: P Schroeter 46/50, B Sokaluk 44/51
The 100tgt Trench event got underway using 2 layouts with 7 squads entered. We must again thank Noel Bienvenu & Judith Kent for helping out today on the board and again David de Pedro for organising the trappers and jumping in and helping out wherever needed. The scores in the trench were up and down but the final with Flash targets drew a large crowd to watch!! Mitch Iles shooting the last 25 straight in the final single barrel to take the OA out
Event 3 - 100tgt Trench + Final
OA: M Iles 86 + 42/50;
AA: M Nasr 91/100, D DiPietro 88/100;
A: T Malone 91/100, A Mota 84/100;
B: W Asmar 78/100, R Speranza 77/100;
C: F Speranza 78/100, R Leocata 77/100
A fantastic day at MGC! The place is looking a picture thanks to Roger and also to Geoff Shore and his boys for doing the car park works and a few other clean up works that pop up along the way. It is greatly appreciated!!
Next weekend we have DTL Competition on with 50tgt Points & 50tgt Double Barrel. We look forward to seeing you all again!!!