Results – 3rd July 2021

Our first shooting comp back after the Covid lockdown and the floods to sum it up in one word was FREEZING!!!
The mercury never got above 9 degrees all day in the area and this made inside with the heaters on the place to be enjoying a hot meal from Gerald & Jaeng in the cafe to top it off!!
12 full squads of shooters braved the cold and cloudy conditions for the days events which was a fantastic turn out!!! Despite conditions being tricky the scores were still great with Mitch Iles shooting the card clean and winning himself a bonus $100 cash!!! Well done Mitch
The first event ont he card was a 30tgt Point Score and using 4 layouts we saw 2 shooters record 90/90 in AA in Peter Attard & Mitch Iles. The shoot off only going one target with Mitch taking the spoils. It was also great to see Paul Schroeter have another win & Rebecca Ryan pick up a 2nd. Paul has done a tonne of work ensuring all our electronics were working after the floods and Bec hasnt stopped cleaning the office, store rooms, cool room, 5 stand shed, drying out targets and being the master on the Gerni cleaning all the concrete areas and anything else she could!!!. Well done guys!!!
OA & AA: M Iles 93/93, P Attard 92/93
A: S Howlett 87/90, M Rocca 86/90
B: M Tingate 83/93, R Ryan (Gerni Girl) 82/93
C: P Schroeter 80/90, A Dragoli 77/90
The 20Tgt Single Barrel saw 5 possibles shot. Andrew Cameron dropped his first, Peter Attard missed his 2nd, Cranky let the 7th land and it was then down to Mitch Iles and Ash Hawker to sort it out. At target 12 it was all over with Ash Hawker being the victor.
OA & AA: A Hawker 32/32, M Iles 31/32
A: G McClure 27/28, D Milhuisen 26/28
B: L Tingate 18/20, J Kent 17/21
C: B Tridgell 16/20, A Dragoli 17/22
Last event of the day was the 50Tgt Double Barrel. A total of 5 possibles were recorded and as the shoot off got underway the light began to fade quickly and the temperature dropped a couple of degree. Mitch must have thought it was too cold to play dropping his first one out, Dallas Ball missed his 7th when he heard the bar calling his name, Andrew Ferrari dropped target 11 leaving Craig Henwood and Andrew Cameron to continue on til taget 23 where Andrew proved too strong. It was also great to see young Jasmyn Kent from Korumburra have a great win in B grade with an awesome 48/50. Keep it up Jasmyn!!
OA & AA: A Cameron 73/73, C Henwood 72/73
A: M Rocca 49/50, D Johnston 48/50
B: J Kent 48/50, M Tingate 45/50
C: B Sokaluk 45/50, D Karamesinis 44/51
A great day for our first day back with all equipment working and everything running smoothly. A big thank you to all the members and volunteers who have helped make this happen we cant thank you enough!!
Next Saturday we do it all again with
25tgt Single Barrel
50 Tgt Double Barrel
25tgt Handicap
Also we have our large Come & try day on Sunday 11th so feel free to come along and give us a hand if you are free!!
See you all next weekend