Results 4th July 2020

A cold, drizzly and overcast day greeted shooters at MGC for our Saturday 4th of July shoot.

With weather not on our side and the lockdown of alot of Melbournes post codes we were unsure how our attendance for this weekends shoot would be. 9 Squads of DTL and 3 Squads of Universal Trench plus shooters shooting practice on the Sporting Layout and Skeet made for a busy day.

Gerald & Jaeng in the Cafe were kept busy keeping everyones tummies full with lots of great soups and devilled sausgaes during the day to go on top of the "Big Breakfast"a few were witnessed having.

A big thank you must also go to Chloe in the office who has managed the office "solo" the last 2 weeks and still kept everything running like clockwork. Thank you Chloe!!

3 DTL events (30pts, 50 DB & 25 Continental) were held plus 100tgt Universal Trench. Conditions early were very tough to see for all disciplines and the scores showed it.  As the day went on the cloud lifted and scores got a bit better.

Well done to all the winners specially those who managed to take overall wins - David Allen in the Points, Peter Wood the DB (with a skinner) and Mitch Iles who ran the last 50 straight in the UT for a well earnt 97/100 and then backed it up to go on and win the OA in the Continental. The new gun seems to be going ok Mitch also shot over 200 last weekend at Werribee. Well done all

Thank you last but not least to all committee and helpers for the day. It sure is great to be shooting.

Next weekends program providing we can still compete will be 50 DB & 50 Continental.