Results from the 3 day MAIT Industries Yarra Valley Classic

What a fantastic weekend we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed hosting you!!!
There was some great shooting in what was at times some tough conditions specially on Friday and Saturday morning.
213 shooters from all different clubs competed over the weekend in one of our biggest crowds for this event!
Thank you to everyone who helped out from our Committee, Members, Guests, Trappers, Office Staff, Gerald & Jaeng in the Cafe, Helping Hands Kitchen Staff & Tasty Az you are all amazing!  Also thanks to Steve and Steve for doing a great job today that no one else wanted to do fixing the blocked toilet 💩
Everything ran like clock work and with what our traps and equipment have been through in the last 4 months all worked pretty well considering!!
What a ripper weekend it was!! It could not have been possible without MAIT Industries for their amazing sponsorship!  Our thanks to Andrew and his crew!
Also thanks to Robert Demaria & Family for their efforts in making the Frank Demaria Handicap 100k challenge possible! The winner Andrew Cameron walking away with $3000.
Full results and photos (and we even got Fred to smile)
25T PS
OA: P Aquilina 108/108;
AA: M Coleman 101/102; M Lynch
A: C Ford 105/108, S Morley 74/75,
B: R Wiggins 72/75, R Brill 70/75;
C: D Fritsch 68/75, J Adams 67/76;
JNR: C Ford 105/108;
LAD: S Peck 74/75;
VET: S Morley 74/75
50T DB
OA: A Beechey 88/88;
AA: J Griffin 87/88, M Pain 82/83;
A: P An 50/51, E Bidese 58/59;
B: T Fothergill 48/50, T Caldwell 68/71;
C: R Burnett 56/60, S Pritchard 55/60;
JNR: C Ford 49/50;
LAD: T Fothergill 52/54;
VET: F Heinze 56/57
30T SB
OA: J Maiolo 46/46;
AA: S Haberman 45/46, S Forbes 35/36;
A: D Jones 39/40, J Pannuzzo 29/30;
B: R Brill 29/30, R Maiolo 35/38;
C: R Burnett 27/32, S Pritchard 26/32;
JNR: B De Pedro 26/30;
LAD: A Norris 27/30;
VET: F Bagnato 29/30
30T PS
OA: C Fitzgerald 171/171;
AA: S Trembath 168/171, C Ford 117/120;
A: A Norris 116/117, J Brown 92/93;
B: B Tridgell 88/90, R Brill 102/105;
C: S Cox 86/90, J Bruzzaniti 85/91;
JNR: C Ford 90/90
LAD: A Norris 90/90
VET: F Bagnato 89/90
30T DB
OA: M Appleby 210/210;
AA: A Leech 209/210, J Saliba 199/200;
A: J Tonna 157/158, J Maiolo 91/92
B: V Burzomi 32/33, J Ford 39/40;
C: J Bruzzaniti 51/52, D Burzomi 29/30;
JNR: B De Pedro 54/55;
LAD: S Gallagher 35/36;
VET: F Heinze 88/89
60T Medley
OA: P Attard 125/125;
AA: A Cameron 123/125, A Leech 149/150;
A: J Tonna 98/100, P An 121/125;
B: T Caldwell 121/125, P Reed 118/125;
C: R Speranza 98/100, D Orsetto 113/125;
JNR: O Zielezna 98/100;
LAD: S Peck 98/100;
VET: D Ball 146/150
30T HC
1st: A Cameron 39/39;
2nd: D Burzomi 38/39;
3rd: T Grimes 37/38;
4th: B Reed 32/33;
5th: T Caldwell 33/34;
Best 25m: N Ferteklis 29/30;
Best Unplaced JNR: O Zielezna 29/30
High Gun
OA: A Cameron 275/280 & A Brady 275/280 split OA & AA
A: J Tonna 265/280;
B: R Brill 261/280;
C: D Burzomi 253/280;
JNR: B De Pedro 267/280;
LAD: A Norris 262/280;
VET: F Bagnato 267/280