Results – Saturday 10th February 2024

Another perfect day for shooting at MGC and again another busy day with some great scores recorded!
A full house for our Come & Try session kicked us off with everyone enjoying their day. Again we thank Tony and the crew who help out on these vitally important days at our club it is greatly appreciated.
100t ISSF Trench then got underway with 4 and a half squads with some great scores recorded. Mitch Iles lead into the final with a 96 closely followed by Craig Henwood on 95 and Penny Smith on a 94, Milad Nasr 92, Danny DiPietro and Catherine Skinner on 91 taking the last 2 positions.
The Final would have to have been one of the best scoring finals seen in Australia with both Mitch and Milad shooting the first bracket of 25 clean. Penny Smith shooting the 2nd bracket of 25 clean!!! Mitch going on to record an incredible 49/50 single barrel missing his 2nd last target!!! Great shooting Mitch!! Mitch again took home a slab of Bronze Wing Australia ammo for his efforts.
OA - Mitch Iles 96/100 + 49/50
AA - Craig Henwood 95/100, Penny Smith 94/100
A - Greg Hunt 90/100, Rocky Speranza 84/100
B - Wes Asmar 74/100 + 1, Mark Salerno 74/100
C -Sonni Ng 74/100. Max Di Paolo 58/100
Some DTL Layouts which do not get a lot of use, were getting a work out before our 3 Day MAIT Industries Yarra Valley Classic with some great scores recorded.
First event was a 30tgt Point Score and Wonthaggi member Chris Bone showed all how it was done recording a perfect 90/90 to take the sash and cash.
OA & A - Chris Bone 90/90, Joe Maiolo 89/90
AA - Stewie Forbes 89/90, Lou Primavera 86/90
B - Ron Williams 88/90, Ralph Maiolo 86/90
C - Tom McGrath 85/90, Justin Briggs 78/90
Next event a 30tgt Single Barrel and like the points there was only one possible and again it was an A grader this time Metro member Joe Maiolo turning the 30 back where they came from!!  Stuart Cox shot a fantastic result to win C grade!
OA & A - Joe Maiolo 30/30, Malcolm Carr 31/33
AA - Lou Primavera 36/38, Stewie Forbes 35/38
B - Steve "Spello" Pellegrino 34/36, Ralph Maiolo 33/36
C - Stuart Cox 29/30, Justin Briggs 27/31
The last event was a 40tgt Double Barrel resulting in a squad of possibles. After 25tgts we were down to 2 competitors. A couple more was all that was needed for Jason "Fangs" Barclay to take home a slab of Bronze Wing Australia ammunition. Leni Harrison also shot brilliantly to take the C grade prize - Way to go Leni
OA & AA - Jason Barclay 67/67, Lou Primavera 39/40
A - Rob Nash 66/67, Chris Bone 63/64
B - Vince Burzomi 40/40, Ralph Maiolo 47/50
C - Leni Harrison 38/40, Stuart Cox 37/41
A great day was had by all, thank you to the shooters for their patience and understanding allowing us to use the layouts the furthest away from the club rooms allowing us to give these layouts an important go through to our big shoot. Also thanks to the Skeet and 5 Stand Shooters for us having these layouts closed for the day.
Yarra Valley Field and Game is next weekend feel free to get along and have a shot with them you will have a great day!!
The weekend after is the big one the 3 Day MAIT INDUSTRIES Yarra Valley Classic - Remember it's restricted to 210 shooters so pre nom is encouraged via the MCMS app to avoid disappointment.   We don't want to have to turn you away BUT 210 is the maximum we can handle for the weekend's events!!
Again thanks to everyone who helped the day run smoothly be it reffing and scoring, helping run the events or office or filling traps.
See you all next shoot!