Results – Saturday 11th March 2023

A perfect day for shooting today at MGC saw some great scores recorded.
A quieter day with 7 full squads entering the days competition with all shoot offs wrapped up by 4:30pm. Thank you to all shooters who attended and who helped out reffing and scoring where needed.
Thank you also to Bronze Wing Australia for some great ammunition prizes!!! A great day was had by all
25T PS
OA & AA: G Hunt 111/111, F Bagnato 73/75;
A: B Reed 110/111, C Brown 86/87;
B: C Patterson 86/89, B Battle 83/93;
C: G Shields 68/75, S Aston 72/81
25T SB
OA & AA: L Primavera 33/33; F Bagnato 32/33;
A: C Brown 27/28, P Haslam 26/28;
B: C Patterson 26/30, M Carr 25/30;
C: D Orsetto 21/25, G Shields 21/26
25T DB
OA & AA: G Hunt 67/67; L Quirk 66/67;
A: P Haslam 64/65, D Saliba 42/43;
B: P Reed 27/28, M Carr 24/25;
C: A Beltrami 24/25, M Aboltins 24/26
25T HC
1: M Aboltins 25/25;
2: S Russell 24/25;
3: B Reed 29/31;
BM: R Jackson and P Haslam
Next weekend is Yarra Valley Field & Game.