Results Saturday 12th December 2020

The definition of a perfect day's shooting was experienced today at Melbourne Gun Club.  27 degrees, hardly a cloud in the sky all day and not a breath of wind with perfect targets set.
Gerald and the girls in the cafe were kept busy all day as were the A team of Chloe and Emma in the office. A big thank you must go to the members who helped at the board including Judith Kent again and the help of everyone who helped out filling traps as our 2 trappers called in sick at the last minute. Thanks everyone for your help.

8 Squads of DTL and 4 and a bit squads of Trench entered for the day which considering the amount of Xmas Shoots on was a fantastic attendance and much more than was expected for the days events. We also had Corporate Shoots going on Grounds 7 & 8 as well as Skeet practice on Ground 6 which saw every layout operating.

In the 100tgt Trench we saw Mitch Iles run the first 50 straight. The famous Nidal Asmar tried his hardest to match him but could only manage 49 straight missing his 50th target a nice little straight away. At the end of the 100tgts both Mitch and Craig Henwood had top scores of 96/100 with Penny Smith and Nidal on 95/100, Brett Dunstan scored a 92 and Todd Malone rounded out the final with a 90.
As so happpens in the final it was Todd Malone coming from 6th place to score a great win
OA - Todd Malone 90/100 + 23
AA 1st - Mitch Iles 96/100 + 22
AA 2nd - Craig Henwood 96/100 + 19
A 1st - Nidal Asmar 95/100
A 2nd - Gavin Jayasekera 89/100
B 1st - Rocky Speranza 88/100
B 2nd - Adam Beechey 82/100
C 1st - Robert Demaria 78/100
C 2nd - Damien Milhuisen 77/100

In the DTL we had 4 x 25tgt events so 4 times the chance to have a win. 25 Pts, 25 SB, 25 HCp & 25 DB the program
The first DTL event was the 25 Tgt Point Score
OA & AA - Geoff McClure 74/75
AA 2nd - Dallas Ball 71/75
A 1st - David Allen 93/96
A 2nd - Stephen "Happy" Thiele 92/96
B 1st - Renato Laureano 71/75
B 2nd - Vince Burzomi 63/75
C 1st - Lucien Primavera 69/75
C 2nd - Emily Vassallo 70/78
25tgt Single Barrel the next event
OA & A - David Macgregor 25/25
A 2nd - Liz "ropeable" Schroeter 30/31
AA 1st - Dallas Ball 28/29
AA 2nd - Joe Maiolo - 27/29
B 1st - Renato Laureno 21/25
B 2nd - Sergio Zotti 19/25
C 1st - Lucien Primavera 23/27
C 2nd - Ben DePedro 22/27
25tgt Handicap
1st - Robert Hall 28/28 (plus 1metre)
2nd - Chippa Chant 27/28
3rd - Mitch Iles 28/29 (plus a night on the couch after beating Gabbi in the shoot off)
Backmarker - Liam Shore 24/25
25 Tgt Double Barrel
OA & AA - Liam Shore 101/101
AA 2nd - Robert Hall 100/101
A 1st - Darryl Johnston 30/31
A 2nd - Lou Primavera 28/29
B 1st - Renato Laureano 31/32
B 2nd - Vince Burzomi 24/25
C 1st - Ben DePedro 25/26
C 2nd Lucien Primavera 24/26
It was great to see our 2 young juniors in Ben DePedro and Lucien Primavera continue their battle having 2 shoot off's with each other. Lucien winning the first shoot off and Ben getting revenge in the next. The sportsmanship with these 2 young boys is a credit to both their families and we are glad to have them as members of our club. Well shot lads!!!
Next Saturday is the big one!!! The 2020 Christmas shoot kicking off at 10am sharp!!! Dont miss it. 20 pts, 20 SB, 20 DB, 25 Skeet, 25 Skeet and a Xmas dinner afterwards. If all members and guests who are able to bring a dessert it would be greatly appreciated. The club will supply Meat & Salads.
We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 19th!!

Todd Malone
Todd Malone

Liam Shore

Rob Hall