Results – Saturday 1st June 2024

Another busy day at MGC on Saturday kicked off with a chilly foggy morning and a full house for Come & Try with all enjoying their session. Again thank you to our crew who look after Come & Try which is vitally important to our club as it introduces new people to the sport.
8 squads of DTL battled it out for the 100tgt Point Score event, and 6 squads for the 100tgt ISSF Trap event with the Shooting Australia camp athletes joining in on the action.
In the DTL it was Greg Hunt who got off to a flyer shooting the first 50 all clean single barrel and as the day went on the temperature began to drop and the light got super difficult to see. Greg though held on for a great 294/300 to take the overall honours.
100T P/S:
O/A: G Hunt 294/300;
AA: C McCall 291/300, J Barclay 290/300;
A: E Vassallo 286/300, S Howlett 283/300;
B: B Tridgell 277/300, G Tunks 275/300;
C: M Incani 230/300, B Battle 227/300.
On the Trench layouts the light conditions were also making the day tricky but James Willett fresh off his World Cup win showed why he is rated one of the World's best with a hard fought 95/100 and a fantastic 44/50 single barrel in cold dark conditions for the final. Penny Smith taking it right to him with an excellent 43/50.
O/A: J Willet 95/100+44;
AA: P Smith 93/100, J Dunn 92/100;
A: R Speranza 85/100, R Chounding 82/100;
C: R Nash 68/100, R Demaria 67/100.
A great day of competition shooting with lots of people on the grounds, and Gerald and Jaeng flat out in the cafe!!
Events next Saturday:
30tgt Point Score
40tgt Double Barrel
20pr Deauville Doubles
100tgt Universal Trench (10am start)
See you then!