Results – Saturday 20th May 2023

6 full squads competed on Saturday at MGC in what would normally be a Yarra Valley Field and Game weekend but with the Duck Hunting season in swing they were having the month off so a DTL event was held.
Weather was a typical 3 seasons in one day for Melbourne with it starting overcast and drizzle, then sunny and then pouring rain for a bit!
It was great to see some new visitors at the club with some great competition across all the grades being had
30T PS
AA: C Brown 85/90, M Iles 114/120;
OA & A: L Shore 90/90, D Ball 89/90;
B: T Caldwell 88/90, A Bethune 81/90;
C: H Carlesso 86/90, S Carlesso 85/90
20T SB
OA & AA: M Iles 22/22, M Smith 21/23;
A: S Incani 21/22, P Reed 20/22;
B: L McKeon 18/20, S Morley 17/20;
C: M Incani 19/20, H Carlesso 17/20
50T DB
OA & AA: M Iles 57/57, L Primavera 56/57;
A: V Williams 55/56, D Ball 49/50;
B: S Fox 49/50, T Caldwell 48/50;
C: S Swain 48/50, H Carlesso 45/51
This Saturday for DTL we have 50pts and 50DB on offer whilest Skeet has the 100t ASSA & Bronzewing Handicap. We hope to see you all there!