Results – Saturday 27th January 2024

9 squads today at MGC and what a ripper day it was.
Perfect weather, the Laporte Grand Prix 24 clays smoking up and everyone enjoying the days activities.
Event one was a 25 target point score event which saw two possible being shot in Ben DePedro and Greg Hunt after a short shoot off Ben DePedro come out on top.
Event two was a 50 target double barrel, which saw three possible on the board, Greg Hunt again alongside Liana Decarli, and John King from Euroa.  After a short shoot off, it was Greg who came out on top. Greg taking home a slab of ammo thanks to Bronzewing.
The last event was a 25 target handicap event again with three possible shots. After a lengthy shoot off it got down to Mick Rocca and Joe Maiolo. Mick missing his 39th target and Joe just needing to hit his to be the victor. Unfortunately Joe also missed letting Mick back in with Mick hitting his next target and Joe missing. Well done Mick who also took home a slab of Bronzewing Ammo.
25T PS
OA & AA: B De Pedro 87/87, G Hunt 72/75;
A: D Appleby 84/87, G McClure 82/84;
B: M Carr 71/78, V B urzomi 68/78;
C: J Adams 68/75, B Battle 64/75
50T DB
OA & AA: G Hunt 58/58, L De Carli 54/55;
A: J King 57/58, R Godfrey 55/56,
B: M Carr 52/53, V Burzomi 51/53;
C: N Koutsogiannakis 48/50, T Siler 50/53
25T HC
1: M Rocca 39/40;
2: J Maiolo 38/40;
3: B De Pedro 27/28;l
BM: D Ball 18/25
Thank you everyone who helped out for the day refereeing and scoring and helping make the day a fantastic shoot.
See you all at our next event!