MGC Champion of Champions 2021

Cold, wet and windy conditions greeted shooters for the 2021 Club DTL Champion of Champions day.
At around 10 am the rain started and our expectations for a big crowd were low. Who would want to come and shoot in this??
By around 10:50 am the car park slowly started to fill and 62 shooters were entered for the days events. Way more than we expected for the weather. So thank you to everyone who braved today's conditions, specially those who travelled a long distance to attend it was greatly appreciated!!
The first event start time was delayed a little to allow the heavy rain to pass. 5 layouts being used so we could try and get the days events over and done with as quickly as possible to minimise time in the cold!! This saw the days shooting all over and done by 4:30 pm.
Event 1 - 40 Target Point Score
OA & A; T Castaldo 145/147, B Lambevski 112/120;
AA: A Brady 144/147, C Henwood 117/120;
B: A Monaco 113/120, L Tingate 110/120;
C: B Tridgell 111/120, R Maiolo 104/120
Event 2 - 20 Target Single Barrel
OA & AA M Iles 26/26, B Reed 25/26;
A: B Caldwell 23/24, T Castaldo 22/24;
B: A Monaco 23/24, C Cefai 19/20;
C: P Ferarri 18/21, A Nash 17/21
Event 3 - 40 Target Double Barrel
OA & AA: M Iles 60/60, C Henwood 59/60;
A: N Basile 39/40, T Castaldo 38/40;
B: L Soppi 46/47, A Monaco 45/47;
C: R Maiolo 36/40, P Ferarri 35/40
Overall High Gun - Andrew Brady 177/180
All of the overall winners will have their names listed on our club honour boards so well done Tony, Mitch & Andrew!! Mitch and Andrew have had their names on it a few times now but Tony's name goes up for the first time!!
Our next competition will be held on Saturday 27th of November.
It will be the DTL Team shoot with Alexandra and also our Club Skeet Championships
1. 50 Target Points
2: 25 Target Handicap
3: 25 Target Double Barrel
4. 100 Target Skeet
We look forward to seeing you all then.