Results 6th November 2021

A great day today at Melbourne
The rain held off just in time to get through the day's events with the DB Shoots offs just finishing before it came tumbling down.
A humid and breezy day greeted shooters with 12 squads of DTL and 4 and a bit squads of Trench shooting the days program.
Conditions were not easy and got tough as the day got on with the wind picking up and light fading in and out of the clouds as they rolled in. However there were still some great scores shot particularly in C grade!! Leigh Cornish & Daniel Burzomi both shot great possibles in the Handicap. While in the Double Barrel, Paul Schroeter shot an awesome 49/50 just edging out Daniel who shot a very respectable 48!! Well done all.
The first event was a 25 target Points taken out by Steve Trembath after a short sharp shoot off with Lou Primavera.  Steve getting 1 sash back on wife Megan
25 Point Score
OA & AA: S Trembath 76/78, B McCall 99/102;
A: Lou Primavera 75/78 K Calder 75/78;
B: N Northover 70/75, V Burzomi 75/81;
C: A Burgess 67/75, S Fox 66/75
It was a battle of the 2 C graders in the Handicap which was great to see. Leigh taking the spoils. Lucien Primavera also shot well winning the shoot off against 6 others on 24.
25 Handicap
1: L Cornish 28/28,
2: D Burzomi 27/28,
3: Lucien Primavera 36/37,
Back Marker - S. Trembath 23/25
The DB Shoot off started just as the first drops of drizzle rain came down, making conditions tough to see. It didn't last long with the heaven opening up well and truly just as the last target was shot.
50 Double Barrel
OA & A: G McLure 65/65, D Milhuisen 51/52;
AA: D Mould 64/65, B McCall 60/61;
B: N Northover 51/52, R Nash 47/50;
C: P Schroeter 49/50, D Burzomi 48/50
On the Trench layout it was Danny Di Pietro who shot a great final again in tough conditions to hold on to take the win
100 Trench + Final
OA - D DiPietro 89/100 + 38/50;
AA: C Henwood 92/100, C Skinner 89/100;
A: T Malone 87/100, S Allen 85/100
B: R Speranza 83/100, L Grapiglia 81/100;
C: L Furlan 84/100, S Auselbrook 78/100
It was great having everyone back again at MGC. Gerald, Jaeng and everyone serving lunch were kept very busy, Chloe and Em had the office working like clockwork again and Dave De Pedro and the Trappers had all the machines full.  Pleased to say tonight we sorted the little gremlin that had snuck into Trap 2!!!  It should be fine now
Next weekend is our Club Champion of Champions. This is a great event where all Overall winners have their names written up on our club's honour boards. Some great cash prizes up for grabs. Again as this event is a last minute decision to put on to keep the winners board up to date. The prizes for all awards will be cash.
40 Tgt Point Score
OA & Grade - $150
1st each other grade - $100
2nd each grade - $70
20 Tgt Single Barrel
OA & Grade - $100
1st each other grade - $70
2nd each grade $40
40tgt Double Barrel
OA & Grade - $150
1st each other grade - $100
2nd each grade - $70