President’s Report April 2023

Dear Member,
So much has happened at Melbourne Gun Club that I felt it best to update you to what is happening at the club and the direction we are working to.
As many are aware we opened a fundraising page to raise funds due to the flooding which occurred in October 2022. We were over the moon to receive $19,107.45 from members and the public. Funds also came from other clubs around Australia. We also received much needed support from our sponsors.
The funds raised assisted us with:
New (2nd hand kitchen) we fitted out Geralds kitchen with used Stainless Steel benches etc recovered from restaurants.
A new stove was purchased and fridges, this amount surpassed what we had raised on the website and was topped up by our members contributing directly to the club.
$15,000 was allocated to kitchen benches/ equipment and balance was used to pay for the part replacement of carpets in clubroom, we cannot thank you enough.
Electrical rewiring outside and the replacement of many electronics over all layouts, including Compak layout.
Replacement of office computer equipment, phones and air conditioner due to flood damage.
Many of you would know the club has bounced back quickly and it has been an ongoing job since November with an enormous amount of work still going on behind the scenes.
In addition, we have managed to hold some big shoots which have included the following:
Our first big shoot was our New Years Flood Relief shoot, which saw 141 shooters attend and contribute funding to the rebuilding of the club.
In January of 2023, the club hosted the Victorian State Skeet Titles, which attracted many shooters and families from around Australia.
February 11th 2023, MGC held the 2 day Yarra Valley ISSF Grand Prix, which saw 90 shooters attend.
February 24th 2023, MGC held the MAIT Industries 3 Day Yarra Valley Classic, whereby nearly 190 shooters participated, along with full facilities provided such as camping and open café and bar.
April 1st 2023, MGC held the Perazzi Australia National Universal Trench 2 day shoot, where 90 shooters were in attendance, along with the club hosting visitors, campers etc
Our new Committee is working diligently structuring club policies and implementing budgets for future equipment for replacement/ breakdowns in future as well as keeping everything operating for our members and community.
Our new mower and terrain vehicle is working well and the grounds have never looked better.
Our new water retention system is currently curing (Fabricated of Concrete) and we expect the unit to be installed by end of May 2023 this will assist greatly with the removal of water from the club grounds, a new water treatment irrigation project is underway also and will be constructed around our shooting activities as not to interrupt our members shooting as best that we can do.
The club has signed off for a land survey of the club, this will be produced by JCA Land Consultants. The club has never had a survey produced, the survey is a must for the club to proceed with Levee increase and Berm wall discussions (Shooting wall).
Once survey is completed the club will proceed with permits to raise levee asap (This is a priority)
We are expecting a busy year hosting many events that will pull large crowds, our Para Shooting is running at full capacity and certainly in the right direction, our come and try days are paramount to the clubs financial existence and a big thankyou to all that help it is greatly appreciated. We are in the process of creating a shooting day for Ladies very similar to what the club hosted years ago, we would luv to see more ladies become inclusive into our special sport.
Our New Treasurer is a very busy man and doing a great job as is our Secretary (Electronics Guru) Paul, Craig the VP is always busy even when the club is closed and the committee is working tirelessly to create the best shooting experience we can.
A further update will be provided in 4 months time, if you have an idea or feedback please remember we are only a chat away and happy to sit down with you.
We are operating with a smaller Committee than usual so if things take a little longer please remember, we only have so much time as many of us still work full time, the Committee give their time freely but are here to enjoy their shooting also. We will always do our best for the members and the club.
If you would like to help out further at the club in any form please let us know. We are a large club and it takes a great deal of time to have the club ready for you to enjoy every week.
Happy shooting and take care.
Ben Reed
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