Results 30th November 2019

What a great day at MGC on Saturday 30th of November for the Club DTL Champion of Champions shoot which has proudly been sponsored by Barry Humphris of Mt Evelyn Garden Centre since 2004. Baz hardly gets out for a shot these days but is still a proud supporter of the club and the committee sends its thanks to Barry for his kind sponsorship to see this as a great event at the club.

11 Squads entered the day with the weather being perfect for shooting and the Laporte Australia Grand Prix clays were smoking up beautifully right from the word go ensuring big scores were going to be needed if your name was to be etched onto the honour board.

Event 1 - 40pts saw 3 possibles clean with 120/120 and a further 4 more only 1 point down. Ash Hawker pulled a 2nd on his first target leaving Dallas Ball & Ben Reed to fight it out. On the 10th target Dallas too pulled a 2nd leaving Ben the OA Winner. To say Ben was excited it an understatement!!

Event 2 - 20tgt Single Barrel saw 7 possibles clean. After a further 20 tgts in the shoot off we were down to 3 in Andrew Brady, Craig Henwood and Steve Trembath looking for a late sash to close the gap on his wife Megan in the sash count. It wasnt to be with Andrew taking the spoils 49/49 to Steve 48/49.

Event 3 - 40tgt DB and for the High Gun we had 3 shooters all 1 point down going into this event. All 3 of these shooters were actually in the same squad alongside each other making it a nervous 40tgts to win the Quad Bike. 12 shooters shot the 40/40 including Ash, Steve and Andrew to come in 1 point down for the days shooting.

The Double Barrel shoot off was a long drawn out affair which saw 4 shooters settle in. At 150 we saw Steve Trembath miss leaving Stephen Atkins, Ash Hawker & Craig Henwood to fight it out. At 215 targets they came back to 18m, At 240tgts they came back to 20m and still all 3 going strong. At 265 tgts the mics came back to the 22m mark and a result was finally found with Craig Henwood 275/275 outlasting Ash Hawker 274/275 and Stephen Atkins on 272/273. This also saw Ash record his biggest break of 297. It was also great to see the shoot off for C grade go 31 targets!!

HIGH GUN - 3 Shooters shot off for the OA High Gun. Andrew Brady who has won this bike twice before, Ash Hawker & Steve Trembath. After one run thru it was only Andrew who was clean much to the excitement of his son Jack who was claiming the bike. Well done Andrew

The night was concluded with a Pizza night with Lou's famous pizzas getting a great work out. Thank you to all shooters who attended, thank you to Chloe and Alex in the office and thank you to Steve, Karen & Co on the scoreboard for all ensuring the day ran smoothly

Event 1 - 40 Tgt Point Score
OA 1st Ben Reed 150 / 150
AA 1st Dallas Ball 149 / 150
AA 2nd Ashley Hawker 122 / 123
A 1st Mick Rocca 114 / 120
A 2nd Leonard Quirk 112 / 120
B 1st Benjamin Hutchinson 119 / 120
B 2nd Peter Reed 116 / 120
C 1st Daniel Grujica 111 / 120
C 2nd Louise Tingate 109 / 120

Event 2 - 20 Tgt Single Barrel
OA 1st Andrew Brady 49 / 49
AA 1st Steve Trembath 48 / 49
AA 2nd Craig Henwood 45 / 46
A 1st Mick Rocca 30 / 31
A 2nd Ants Beltrami 21 / 22
B 1st Peter Reed 19 / 20
B 2nd John Rist 17 / 20 17 / 20
B 2nd Robert Demaria 17 / 20
C 1st Daniel Grujica 21 / 23
C 2nd Kit Chan 20 / 23

Event 3 - 40 Tgt Double Barrel
OA 1st Craig Henwood 275 / 275
AA 1st Ashley Hawker 274 / 275
AA 2nd Stephen Atkins 272 / 273
A 1st Mick Rocca 48 / 49
A 2nd Geoff Shore 50 / 52
B 1st John Rist 61 / 62
B 2nd Robert Demaria 41 / 43
C 1st Kit Chan 68 / 71
C 2nd Anthony Patrick 67 / 71

Overall High Gun
OA 1st Andrew Brady 204 / 205

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