The 3rd trench layout update

Now that the 3rd Trench layout has been completed at Melbourne Gun Club we are happy to advise of the total cost of this project which has been very minimal for such a large project due to the great support we received from both local shooters and shooters from afar.

Traps - $35,870
Electronics (sequencer, microphones etc) - $8895
Construction (Digging Trench, Concrete, Electrical etc) - $48,746.25
TOTAL EXPENSES - $93,511.25

Trap Donations - $36,400
Other Donations - $8500
Raffle Profit - $20,815
TOTAL Donations - $65,715.00
plus many many hours of donated time and labour that can't be accounted for

TOTAL COST TO CLUB - $27,796.25

To be able to construct and have a fully operational Trench Layout for under $28,000 is an amazing effort and one that all should be very proud of.

The events we have managed to secure purely because of this layout are as per below (and not limited to) -
Roberto Scalzone Cup for 6 years
Shooting Australia Olympic Games Selection Event
Universal Trench Nationals
Additional Round of UT Series in November 2020
Plus the ability to apply for many International and domestic events

The profit the club will make from the above events that we have already secured will see this 3rd Trench Layout pay itself off within 18 months of construction from Trench events alone, all while the club has been able to maintain a more than healthy bank balance of its own.

This was not a project the current committee went looking for but a once in a lifetime opportunity presented itself that was too good to knock back and one we have been able to make work for the benefit of the MGC now and into the future.

Well done to all

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