Results – Saturday 11th May 2024

A ripper day at MGC on Saturday with 46 shooters in attendance for the day's events which consisted of 25tgt Points, 50tgt DB and 25 Handicap.
The first event was won after a short shoot off by Len Quirk taking home the spoils, Len being the only one able to hit his first target with the first barrel with Wes Asmar fully missing, Geoff Shore pulling a 2nd.
The 50DB got underway and we had 2 shooters put some red ink on the board in Tony Castaldo and Stephen Incani. The shoot off going 15tgts with Stephen coming out on top.
The last event of the day was the 25tgt Handicap event which again saw 3 possibles recorded and another short shoot off. Matt Koncewicz missing his first in the shoot off, Aaron Speranza missing his 3rd leaving Stephen Incani another victory with 28/28 from the 22m mark
Full Results for the day were as follows:
25T PS
AA: M Coleman 87/90, C Brown 84/90;
OA & A: L Quirk 76/78, W Asmar 73/78;
B: G Shore 74/78, P Reed 71/75;
C: S Pellegrino 68/75, A Gaskett 63/75
50T DB
OA & AA: S Incani 65/65, T Castaldo 64/65;
A: L Primavera 49/50, J King 52/54;
B: B Tridgell 50/52, G Shore 49/52;
C: T Siler 49/50, L Devine 48/50
25T HC
1: S Incani 28/28;
2: A Speranza 27/28;
3: M Koncewicz 25/26;
BM: B Brown 24/25.
Next Saturday is Yarra Valley F&G. Feel free to come along and have a go, if you are not a FGA member they will be more than delighted to let you shoot clays only.
Our next event is Saturday 25th of May with the following events up for offer:
30tgt Points
20tgt Single Barrel
50tgt Double Barrel
100tgt Universal Trench - 10am start
See you then!!!