Results – Saturday 25th May 2024

A cold foggy start greeted visitors and shooters at MGC for today’s activities which included another full Come & Try, a Corporate Event and  DTL & UT competitions.  The skies cleared up and we finished with brilliant sunshine and clear blue skies and hardly a breath of wind.
In the DTL, Andrew Papasava took the Points with the only possible, as did Stephen Swain in the Single Barrel. The Double Barrel saw 4 possibles recorded and saw Ben De Pedro take the honours from Lou Primavera.
The UT was a tough affair with some up and down scores with Craig Henwood taking the honours with 93-100, Lucas Furlan and Luca Grapiglia not far behind on 90/100. Well done also to Liz (LEGEND) for her great 88/100 to take out B grade.
30 TGT P/S:
AA: M Appleby 80/90, D Appleby 80/90;
OA & A: A Papasava 90/90, D Dooly 88/90;
B: G Shore 88/90, A Beltrami 93/99;
C: J Adams 73/90, B De Schwartz 70/90.
20 TGT S/B:
AA: D Appleby 19/20, C Brown 18/20;
A: G McClure 22/23, J Tobin 21/23;
OA & B: S Swain 20/20, A Beltrami 20/22;
C: B Battle 16/20, J Adams 15/21.
50 TGT D/B:
OA & AA: B De Pedro 73/73, C Brown 61/62;
A: L Primavera 72/73, G McClure 50/51;
B: L Devine 49/50, S Swain 48/50;
C: B Hailes 48/50, J Adams 46/50
100 TGT UT:
OA: C Henwood 93/100;
AA: L Furlan 90/100, Ben De Pedro 88/100;
A: L Grapiglia 90/100, J Wojcik 88/100;
B: L Schroeter 88/100, R Laidlaw 81/100;
C: S Ng 80/100, D Naylor 79/100.
Next Saturday is SUPER SATURDAY:
100tgt Point Score
100tgt ISSF Trap + Final
100tgt ISSF Skeet + Final
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