Results – Saturday 22nd June 2024

Another ripper day at MGC saw us kick off with a full house for Come & Try with all going well. Huge thanks to the crew with Tony who make sure these events are a success each time.
As Come & Try finished up, the shooters started arriving through the gate and before we knew it we had a very healthy crowd of 14 squads with 80 shooters for DTL and 3 squads of Skeet which was also great!
With the large crowd catching us off guard, a little a few swaps of grounds saw us opening more grounds up as the day went on to ensure we got through the event JUST before it got too dark with it being the shortest week of the year. Thank you to all shooters for backing up and reffing and scoring when needed!!
The skeet was taken out by Ryan Miller who shot a great 50/50 in his last visit to record 96/100 from Andrew Watson on 93/100. A big thanks to Sarah for her efforts in running the Skeet and helping out with a last minute swap of layouts!
In the DTL the first event saw 4 possibles shot in the 25t Single Barrel and would you believe it, the shoot off went 1 target with Stephen Incani being the victor!
The second event was the 50t Mixed with 25DB and 25t Points. Some great scores were recorded, with Ben Dantonio and Mitch Iles shooting the event clean. One run through in the shoot off saw Mitch pull a second in the points section for Ben to be declared the winner.
The handicap got underway with 5 layouts in action and as the light faded, possibles were hard to find. We had 5 shooters shoot 24/25 and like the single barrel, within 3 targets it was all over with Craig Henwood taking the spoils from Billy Woodward.
Full Results
25T SB
OA & AA: S Incani 26/26, A Cameron 25/26;
A: R Jackson 35/37, R Hughes-Gage 34/37;
B: D Dickson 24/25, L McKeon 23/25;
C: A Gaskett 30/33, S Pellegrino 29/33
OA & AA: B Dantonio 120/120, M Iles 119/120;
A: L Quirk 99/100, B Brown 97/100;
B: L Harrison 97/100, M Koncewicz 94/100;
C: S Pellegrino 92/100, R Pitts 91/100
25T HC
1: C Henwood 27/28;
2: B Woodward 26/27;
3: S Fox 28/30;
BM: C Brown 27/30
100T SKT
OA & AA: R Miller 96/100, W Miller 90/100;
A: A Watson 93/100, S Caldwell 85/100;
B: G Hunt 85/100, R Tombolato 84/100;
C: G Conte 89/100, T Pelosi 82/100
Next Saturday we host the 3rd round of the South East Zone Teams event. The event will start at 9:30AM and pre noms are open now! A reminder squads will be done as per your handicap distances so pre nom is essential for the smooth running of this event.
Please note next Saturday there will be NO other disciplines available while this event is being held (No Trench, Skeet, UT or 5 stand).
See you on Saturday!