Results – Saturday 8th June 2024

A cold overcast day greeted shooters at MGC for the Saturday of the King's Birthday Long weekend.
A healthy crowd for a long weekend with 7 squads competing in the DTL events and 4 squads for the Universal Trench.
The club rooms were the place to be to keep warm with Gerald and the girls in the cafe keeping everyone’s belts tight as shooters retreated to the warmth.
Stephen Incani got off to a cracking start in the DTL taking out the first 2 events outright! But it was the Deauville Doubles drawn partners the event all were keen to shoot and have a go.
Until lately we haven’t been able to throw Double Rise with our machines but some work by Lynden & Rod has sorted the issues out and grounds 2 & 3 were throwing them perfectly.
The drawn partners were set up so that AA & A shooters would shoot with either a B or C grade shooter to ensure the event was fun and fair between all. Damien Mould and Lynden McKeon being the outright winners on 19/20.
In the UT it was Gabe Sensi in great form shooting a great 95/100 to take home the spoils.
30T PS
OA & AA: S Incani 88/90, S Pearson 77/90;
A: L Quirk 95/99, R Godfrey 93/99;
B: M Rocca 87/90, S Fox 81/90;
C: S Pellegrino 79/90, M Incani 76/90
40T DB
OA & AA: S Incani 40/40, S Pearson 38/40;
A: P Haslam 52/53, P Beaman 51/53;
B: M Carr 39/40, S Fox 38/40;
C: S Pellegrino 35/40, L Tingate 35/41
20Pr D/D
1: D Mould & L McKeon 19/20;
2: R Williams & M Baker 18/20;
3: R Hughes-Gage & S Fox 25/28
100T UT
OA: G Sensi 95/100;
AA: C Henwood 94/100, R Speranza 92/100;
A: C Ford 90/100, C Sessions 88/100;
B: A Norris 84/100, L Schroeter 83/100;
C: S Ng 77/100, R Demaria 71/100
Next weekend is Yarra Valley F&G be sure to get along and have a go if you haven’t already!