Results – Saturday 29th April 2023

Perfect weather conditions greeted us at the club on Saturday 29th with clear blue skies and hardly a breath of wind.
25 participants were entered for Come & Try in the morning with all having a great time! Per another post Louise gave us a scare while helping out as an instructor. Thank you to all who helped out and more importantly those who helped Louise whilst the ambulance arrived. Get well soon Louise!!
We also hosted a corporate day which was very successful with all attending having a great time.
6 squads of Trench and 7 squads of DTL competed in the days events.
Event 1
30tgt Point Score
OA & A - Rod Jackson 90/90, Mick Rocca 105/108
AA; Daniel Saliba 89/90, Steve Trembath 88/90
B; Daniel Burzomi 85/90, Dylan Naylor 96/102
C; Peter Turner 79/93, Geoff Shields 76/90
Event 2
30tgt Single Barrel
OA & AA - Fergus Connon 30/30, Lou Primavera 31/32
A: Rod Jackson 28/30, Chris Brown 44/47
B: Darren King 28/30, Jenn Crabbe 31/34
C: Tom McGrath 24/30, Leni Harrison 22/30
Event 3
40tgt Continental DB
OA & AA - Hecta Crawford 40/40, Cranky McCall 38/40
A: Darryl Johnston 39/40, Rod Jackson 37/40
B: Jenn Crabbe 37/41, Steve Pellegrino 36/41
C: Geoff Shields 33/40, Tom McGrath 31/40
Over on the Trench layouts it was a great final held in fading light with a great display of single barrel shooting behind had by Lucas Furlan & Ash Hawker with Lucas coming out on top 45/50 to 44/50 for Ash
OA - Lucas Furlan 91/100 + 45/50
AA: Ash Hawker 93/100, Craig Henwood 93/100
A: Domingo Diaz 86/100, Jamie Dunn 86/100
B: Frank Seni 84/100, Mark Salerno 79/100
C: Charles Nalupta 81/100, Wes Asmar 76/100
Thank you all for your attendance and also thanks to Chloe who trialled running the day outside at the board which is something we will trial again with a few tweaks.
Thanks also to Bronze Wing Australia for the awesome ammo prizes up for grabs!!
Next Saturday we have PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE all day for all disciplines from 10am - 5pm. See you then!